End Trophy Hunting - It is inhumane

What is Trophy Hunting?

Trophy Hunting is a sport which involves the killing of wild animals so the hunter can use the dead animal as a trophy. These trophies are either just the head of the animal or the entire animal which is preserved for prosperity by a taxidermist. The difference between hunting and trophy hunting is simple, hunting involves killing of animals for food, whereas trophy hunting is purely a sport aimed at killing for "fun".

Does Trophy Hunting Have Anything to do with Conservation?

Although trophy hunters claim that they are doing their sport for the sake of conservation, it is in reality just their way of justifying their need to kill animals. The conservation "excuse" is used by many trophy hunters to make themselves appear to be helping the planet, but in reality trophy hunting does very little to help conservation. The trophy hunter is using the idea of culling to promote their sport, but this is not their aim, they are simply after the animal for their own personal reasons. Most trophy hunters are not shooting animlas that need culling, but are after the animals that are the biggest prize or the ones that are the hardest to find. Often this means going after rare or endangered species.

Does Trophy Hunting Benefit the Communities Nearby?

Trophy Hunters claim that they are benefitting the communities that are close to the areas they like to hunt, but this is hardly the case. Studies have shown that hardly any of the money made from trophy hunting actually goes to these communities.

What is the Difference Between Hunting and Trophy Hunting?

Hunting is not a sport and is very different to trophy hunting in many ways. Some trophy hunters will claim that they are hunting for food, but when one sees what they tend to hunt it becomes clear that the main goals of the sport are not for survival and food. There objective is aquiring a trophy that can be displayed as form of visual proof that they have managed to kill a particular animal. Hunters that kill animals for food on the other hand rarely do it for recognition or fame. Trophy hunters that feel the need to aquire large animals, like an elephant will tell you they might not eat the animal themselves, and that they feed the local population the meat. This does happen, but it is often because they can not take the entire animal back with them on a plane. There are also laws in some countries that require you to donate the meat to the locals in order to gain permits to hunt them.