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These are some of the animals she has killed for sport. These animals are the ones counted on her Facebook page.


Kendall Jones was born in Texas and grew up in the town of Cleburne. She started to gain an interest in hunting at an early age, often going with her Dad on hunting trips.

In 2004, aged 9, she went on her first trip to Africa, where joining her dad to see him hunt for the "Big 5" and other animals Zimbabwe.

Ever since she was young, she wanted to hunt like her father, but she could not, until she was old enough to handle a gun.

In 2008, aged 13, she went back to Africa to start her "Big 5" quest, but this time she went to South Africa. The first animal she shot was a White Rhino. On the same trip she shot a few other animals, including three types of buck.

On the first trip she did not manage to kill all of the "Big 5" as she had hoped, so in 2009, at the age of 14, she killed an elephant, a leopard, a lion and a hippo. She had now killed 6 of the "Big 7". All of these kills she had filmed by a professional and put onto DVD.

She is studying Marketing and Sports Therapy at Texa Tech University, and is a cheerleader.

NOTE: The intention of this page is not to slander the hunter featured. This is information the public can view, using basic searches on the internet. It is the hunter's right to hunt, we are just trying to understand the rational behind it. We just hope that we can all see the need for controls on the sport. With controls one can both reach a fair compromise or understanding of each others individual choices.