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Web Links: - Hunts for Hope, allowing children with terminal illnesses the chance to kill animals.


Judge Julie Morgenis was born on an Army base and grew up in Virginia. From an early age she developed a passion for killing animals, starting off her hobby by killing squirrels. She went on to study political science and abnormal psychology at University and after graduating decided she wanted to travel. One her return she decided to continue her studies and study law. On completion of her studies she joined the FBI, but after a while decided that she did not enjoy the work as she had expected and it also did not satisfy her need to be in the outdoors. She left the FBI and started her own private investigation firm and soon after married a fifth-generation Texan.

Her interest in hunting continued and she started to do it more and more, eventually launching her own television show, "Huntin With The Judge". In 2004 she was injured by a hunter's negligent misfire and was badly injured. She recovered after some time and continued to hunt. She holds twelve world records for shooting various species with a rifle and other weapons and has hunted a large variety of animals, including leopard, lion, elephant, rhino and buffalo.

She also dedicates her time to a charity called "Hunts for Hope" which takes children with terminal illnesses on hunting trips so they can shoot animals.